Sunday, 23 January 2011


As this house was in a very small scale, I needed to work out a way to make my own furniture. A big box of Balsa Wood in various shapes and a bag of material off cuts make this not too complicated a project. I am not a sewer nor a carpenter, but with a bit of lateral thinking most items can be made.

I wanted a cosy country cottage sofa for the little lady bear to sit on. It was quite simple in the end. I just took four pieces of wood and glued them together. One for the base, one for the back and two for the arms. When it was dry I glued material in a nice small floral print over the wood. (No sewing involved!).

Make sure when you do something for your dolls house that you keep all the prints small. Nothing spoils the illusion of a house than having too large a print on the textiles or the wall paper.


AudraBark1 said...

You've got a wonderful blog! I am getting all sorts of ideas for my doll furniture. They are an odd size (7 1/2 inches) so most of the store-bought things don't work real well. I will be keeping my eye out at the thrift shops for a plastic deer to make a stags head for Wayfarers Inn.

Lilsdolls said...

I think it looks very cute.

Helen said...

Love your blog! Your furniture is lovely. Helen