Sunday, 16 January 2011


Creating a dolls house scene is all about fooling the eye; very much, like the tricks a magician plays. You can make anything yourself just with a little bit of lateral thinking.
The artists studio sink was just made from pieces of balsa wood coloured with acrylic paint of varying colours. The sink bowl had PVA glue poured in the hole to give the impression being full of water when it dried. The paintbrush is made from a painted, chopped down wooden cocktail stick. (You can see how to make a brush and artist's palette on a previous post).The tap was created by using a little jewellery making finding. (Not an exact representation, but enough to give an impression) The paint pot is small clear bead with a little acrylic paint coated around the inside. A little piece of cloth, paint stained and soaked in PVA glue to keep it in shape make a great paint rag, and splattering the sink with paint was just plain good fun.

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