Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Sometimes you just need a little bit of lateral thinking to make mats or rugs for dolls houses. The mat in the bedroom for the elegant lady bear was part of a cross stitched birthday card that had been sent to me. All I needed to do was cut it out and then put a little white PVA glue around the edges to make sure it didn't fray. Fortunately the glue dries clear making a good edge for a rug.
The little bath mat was made using just a little scrap of cotton material folded in two and sealed with PVA glue. It does give it a slightly hard feel when it dries but as a bath mat this is not a problem. I found the flower edging amongst some self adhesive card making edging ribbon. It only uses a tiny bit and stuck on well. The edge of the towel was made from the same ribbon and turned another material scrap into a towel, giving a plastic bath a softer look.

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