Saturday, 10 April 2010


It's was simple to create a distressed look using cheap push together furniture. I painted it a rust colour using acrylic paint and then when it was pretty much dry I coated it with a layer of blue paint, making sure that I left some parts uncovered. The check effect, to complete the country look, was done with a little piece of checked paper, stuck then completely covered with PVA glue to protect it. A couple of interesting buttons from my button box made two cute plates. Simple but fun and just right for a cheeky looking bear.


blackberry & me said...

This blog is great! I was wondering where you got that amazing doll spoon.

whitty1 said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. I bought a whole set of the spoons at a dolls house shop one day in England where I live. I must write some more posts as I have restored a whole doll's house since then. You might like to see my art and craft at
I enjoyed having a look at your blog too.