Sunday, 25 April 2010


One thing that adds character to a dollhouse is a fireplace.

  • Start by taking a piece of firm card and cut it to the size that you want you fireplace to be.
  • Next cut three pieces of Balsa wood. Keep one longer than the other two to be the mantelpiece. Glue them to the card using PVA (white)glue.
  • Once dry paint the Balsa wood the colour you want your mantelpiece to be and paint the visible cardboard black. Next paint a few flames over the black background. Keep the deeper reds/orange on the inside and let the flames become yellow at the edges.
  • Find something to make a grate. Here I've used a hair clip back but you can use tin foil, or any oddment that fits the illusion.
  • A few cut up and dried out twigs make magnificent logs.
  • Before you glue the fireplace to the wall it helps to have a hearth. I have used a few mosaic tiles but you can be creative and many oddments can give the hearth effect such as thick painted card.
  • Glue the fireplace to the wall and find a few beads for vases and ornaments to pop on the top.
  • The candle stick was made from a bead with a cocktail stick pushed through. Chop the bottom off the cocktail stick then paint your "candle". As my bead was thin and tall I glued it to a button on the bas with a glue gun but a wider bead can stand alone. Simple but effective!


Pan said...

Really like the fireplace, it has brought character to the room and looks so authentic. Using the back of a hairclip is a brilliant idea and it works really well.

Valentina said...

How clever! Love the use of all the little bits and bobs to make a "borrowers" style house! So sweet and appealing. Would love to see more pics of the artist's studio!

Anonymous said...

Nice site Great ideas Thanks Craig.. :)

Sef said...

Thanks for this, simple but effective!