Thursday, 13 March 2008

How to Scan a Cross Stitch to Make a Dolls House Miniature

Sometimes you may want to copy a cross stitch that you actually own to create a special effect in a room, as in this room with a Swiss effect. Make sure you have removed the glass from your cross stitch and then place it on the scanner. It also scans the texture of the material. Save to your computer and then reduce the size of the photo. I usually use Adobe Photoshop to adjust the size. Print the image and either frame or mount on card.

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Valentina said...

This is a really cute idea. If you want to have it on fabric to add to the real feel, there are products that allow you to print on fabric using an ink jet printer. There are pretreated fabric sheets as well as a DIY product called "bubble jet". You can also do photo transfer onto fabric after printing on tee shirt transfer paper but this does not produce as realistic an effect.