Saturday, 22 March 2008

How To Make Miniature Paint Brushes - Free Online Lesson

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1. First find some suitable tooth picks. You may find that wooden cocktail sticks work just as well.

2. Cut them to the required length using nail scissors or a craft knife. Snip the ends to create a bristle effect.

3. Paint the brushes using acrylic paint. Make the handles brown and the bristles black. You can paint the joint with silver acrlic paint or glue a small amount of aluminium foil around the joint.

4. Place with your palette.

You can make a small paint rag by cutting a square of thin cloth and wiping smears of paint on it. If it looks too rigid damp it down when the paint has dried and then tie it with an elastic band and leave to dry overnight. This gives it a crumpled effect..


moti said...

thank you for sharing!!!!


Anonymous said...

that's so helpful thank you <3