Friday, 14 March 2008

How to Make Miniature Fimo /Polymer ClayTools

If you want some tools or other implements why not have a go with Fimo/ Polymer Clay.

  • First get a picture of the tool that you want. It's much easier if you have something to base your model on.

  • Shape the Fimo into your tools. Use a sharp knife or even nail scissors to get neat edges.

  • Cook in the oven to harden following the instructions on your packet.

  • Paint the tools using acrylic paint. Silver acrylic paint gives a nice metalic look, to age them add a little brown.

An additional idea for a shed or barn is to buy a tiny horse shoe which is designed to go on a wedding cake. Rub some brown paint on to age it, and it is ready to hang. Small pieces of Balsa Wood make great wood offcuts and planks to have around.

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