Saturday, 15 March 2008

Free Mini-Printable Dolls House Pastel Pictures

Blue tit, Kingfisher, Parrot and Squirrel

  1. Click, then print the images onto white paper or card.

  2. If you want a white mount for the squirrel print, remember to leave some of the white paper around the edge of the picture when you cut it.

  3. You can place cellophane, clear sticky plastic or acetate on the print to give the effect of glass. Even sellotape will do on a small picture.

  4. Either place the picture in a frame or make a frame for your picture. You can see how to do this on previous postings below.

Please remember the copyright to these images belongs to me. You are welcome to use them for personal use but not for profit. Do not copy them to another website although you may provide a link to them.

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