Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Make a Miniature Bench and Table - Free Doll's House Idea

If you want unusual or 24th scale items for your doll's house it is a good idea to have a go at making your own. Have a picture of what you would like to make in front of you, and then you have something to base yours on.
For the table and bench above, I used selection of Balsa Wood of various thicknesses. You can often buy these from DIY shops or craft shops such as Hobbycraft. It is also useful to have small, cheap G-clamps to hold pieces together as the wood glue dries.
It was quite simple to choose pieces of wood to put together to make into a bench and table. The thicker wood needs to be cut with a small "hacksaw" and the thin pieces can even be cut with scissors.
Finally add some finishing touches like some glued on material.

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