Tuesday, 20 February 2007

How to Make Miniature Food With FIMO or POLYMER CLAY For Your Doll's House

It is quite simple to make food from FIMO.

For the Edam Cheese just roll a pale yellow ball and flatten it out a bit. Roll out a really thin layer of red and wrap it around the yellow. Cut a slice out so that you can see the "cheese" inside, and have a slice to display.

For the other cheese just leave the red layer off.

For a cauliflower, roll some white Fimo into a ball and poke small holes into it. Wrap small green layers around it to be the leaves.

To make bread or rolls, just shape some cream coloured Fimo into whichever bread shape that you want. When you have baked it and it has hardened put a little brown paint/tea onto the outside.

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Holly Inton said...

Awesome! I went shopping at HobbyCraft afew days back, and I bought some clay dough for my children. I used it myself, anf I have made a whole selection of cheese, vegetables and a little bakery. Thank you for the idea, I will use the instructions for future times!
Thanx again,
Holly .