Tuesday, 6 February 2007

How to Make a Free Mini-Printable Rug for Your Dolls House

If you would like to make rugs for your doll's house as in the photograph above, you need some thick, white or cream cotton material. Don't buy it new, see if you have any old pillowcases etc. You also need some, iron on computer transfer paper. This is often referred to as being for T-shirt making.
  • Get your image HERE. there are also a variety of other rug images free to use on the Internet.
  • I saved the images that I wanted on the computer so that I could print several rugs on each sheet of transfer paper. You can just print one per page if this seems too tricky.
  • Iron the image on to the material, (according to the instructions on the packet) and then peel off the paper leaving the image on your material.
  • Cut out the image leaving a strip of plain material at each end.
  • Cut into the end strips to give a tasseled effect.

You can also print lovely quilts for your beds in the same way.

1 comment:

barho said...

Thanks so much, I'm making a very primitive cardboard dollhouse for a young friend, and you've given me some neat ideas!
Somewhere I read that a woman had printed rugs onto paper towels, but I'm a little cautious about putting one into my finicky printer...