Monday, 19 February 2007

How to make 24th Scale Dolls House Dolls

If you have an old doll's house that is 24th scale and you are finding it hard to find furniture and people to fit. Why not try making your own. This Heidi and Grandfather were made using FIMO for the heads, arms, shoulders and boots, with pipe cleaners wrapped in a little wadding to join it all together. Their clothes were made with a little bit of felt, ribbon and lace.
  • Shape the head and neck and then push a straw in the bottom of the neck to create a hole you will be able to put a pipe cleaner into later..
  • Make a rectangle for the shoulders and curve it round. Make a hole in the middle of the rectangle to push a pipe cleaner through later.(You can make these without shoulders if you just use the pipe cleaners to shape a shoulder effect.)
  • Roll a thin "sausage shape" for the arms and make a hole in the end, that you will be able to push a pipe cleaner into. Squeeze the tip of the arm flat to form a hand and then make a few lines in it to indicate fingers.
  • Roll two "sausage"shapes for legs and curve the end over and shape into feet/boots.
  • Cook the FIMO as instructed on the packet.
  • Push a pipe cleaner into the "arm sockets," and through the curve of the shoulder piece. Then push another pipe cleaner into the neck, through the shoulder hole, and wind it around the "arms pipe cleaner" going down to create a body. Wind another one around for legs and push the ends into the FIMO leg tops.
  • Wrap some cloth tape or wool and wadding around the pipe cleaners until they have a shaped body and make them some clothes.
  • Paint the boots brown and put a little colour on the eyes and cheeks. Glue a little hair on. This can be cotton, thin wool or some of the "hair" off of thick pipe cleaners. Be creative!

There are two books, that are useful for making doll's house dolls, shown below. Although they are for 12th scale it is possible to just scale the sizes down.

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