Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Buy an Original Miniature Painting For Your Doll's House on Ebay.

If you would like to be able to buy an original, framed painting for your dolls house, have a look at my items for sale on eBay.

Venice, "The Grand Canal," Painting
English Bluebell Wood Painting

Tuesday, 20 February 2007


  • Take some pieces of Balsa Wood. Balsa wood is light and easy to cut. You can buy packs of wood with various sizes and thicknesses in craft shops.
  • First decide how big you want the furniture to be. This fireplace is 24th scale but could be made in any size.
  • Cut out the back panel from thin Balsa wood. You can even draw it out and then use a craft knife or scissors to cut it.
  • Take some thicker piece of wood and glue on two side panels and a base. You might be able to cut these with a craft knife or use a small saw.
  • Glue a piece across as a mantelpiece.
  • Next paint the fireplace using acrylic paints. You could make it look like stone or wood.
  • Glue some twigs on for logs and if you want paint a few flames on.
  • Screw a small hook into the mantel piece to hang a cooking pot on.
  • Hammer some tiny nails into the side panels to hang pots/utensils on.
  • Place it into your house.


First find a small plastic stag/deer. This one came as a cake decoration but you can look in cheap plastic animal sets for children.

Cut a wooden shape for the backboard out of Balsa wood. Balsa wood is thin and easy to cut using a craft knife or even small scissors.

Stain and varnish the wood.

Cut the head off the stag using a sharp knife. (This feels a bit mean even though it's plastic!!)

Paint the stag using acrylic paint. This takes away the plastic look.

Finally, glue it to the wooden board and put onto your wall.

How to Make Miniature Food With FIMO or POLYMER CLAY For Your Doll's House

It is quite simple to make food from FIMO.

For the Edam Cheese just roll a pale yellow ball and flatten it out a bit. Roll out a really thin layer of red and wrap it around the yellow. Cut a slice out so that you can see the "cheese" inside, and have a slice to display.

For the other cheese just leave the red layer off.

For a cauliflower, roll some white Fimo into a ball and poke small holes into it. Wrap small green layers around it to be the leaves.

To make bread or rolls, just shape some cream coloured Fimo into whichever bread shape that you want. When you have baked it and it has hardened put a little brown paint/tea onto the outside.

Make a Miniature Bench and Table - Free Doll's House Idea

If you want unusual or 24th scale items for your doll's house it is a good idea to have a go at making your own. Have a picture of what you would like to make in front of you, and then you have something to base yours on.
For the table and bench above, I used selection of Balsa Wood of various thicknesses. You can often buy these from DIY shops or craft shops such as Hobbycraft. It is also useful to have small, cheap G-clamps to hold pieces together as the wood glue dries.
It was quite simple to choose pieces of wood to put together to make into a bench and table. The thicker wood needs to be cut with a small "hacksaw" and the thin pieces can even be cut with scissors.
Finally add some finishing touches like some glued on material.

Monday, 19 February 2007

How to make 24th Scale Dolls House Dolls

If you have an old doll's house that is 24th scale and you are finding it hard to find furniture and people to fit. Why not try making your own. This Heidi and Grandfather were made using FIMO for the heads, arms, shoulders and boots, with pipe cleaners wrapped in a little wadding to join it all together. Their clothes were made with a little bit of felt, ribbon and lace.
  • Shape the head and neck and then push a straw in the bottom of the neck to create a hole you will be able to put a pipe cleaner into later..
  • Make a rectangle for the shoulders and curve it round. Make a hole in the middle of the rectangle to push a pipe cleaner through later.(You can make these without shoulders if you just use the pipe cleaners to shape a shoulder effect.)
  • Roll a thin "sausage shape" for the arms and make a hole in the end, that you will be able to push a pipe cleaner into. Squeeze the tip of the arm flat to form a hand and then make a few lines in it to indicate fingers.
  • Roll two "sausage"shapes for legs and curve the end over and shape into feet/boots.
  • Cook the FIMO as instructed on the packet.
  • Push a pipe cleaner into the "arm sockets," and through the curve of the shoulder piece. Then push another pipe cleaner into the neck, through the shoulder hole, and wind it around the "arms pipe cleaner" going down to create a body. Wind another one around for legs and push the ends into the FIMO leg tops.
  • Wrap some cloth tape or wool and wadding around the pipe cleaners until they have a shaped body and make them some clothes.
  • Paint the boots brown and put a little colour on the eyes and cheeks. Glue a little hair on. This can be cotton, thin wool or some of the "hair" off of thick pipe cleaners. Be creative!

There are two books, that are useful for making doll's house dolls, shown below. Although they are for 12th scale it is possible to just scale the sizes down.

Saturday, 10 February 2007


Re-create the decorative styles, trends and traditions of the Victorian era in one-twelfth scale.

  • An essential source book for both makers and collectors of Victorian miniatures.
  • Furnishing and the construction of the finished look is described for each room.
  • Illustrated throughout with stunning colour photographs, including a vast array of individual pieces as well as the finished rooms.
  • Twelve major rooms of the typical Victorian home are examined,discussing function and differing styles.
  • Written by an expert in the field of miniatures.

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Free Mini-Printable:"English Country Garden" Original Print

  • Click on the various images until you see the size that you would like.
  • Print onto computer paper or card.
  • Either put into a ready-made dolls house frame or make your own. You will find instructions to make one in an earlier post on this site.

You are welcome to use the image for personal use, but not for commercial purposes. The copyright remains with the author of this blog.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

How to Make a Free Mini-Printable Rug for Your Dolls House

If you would like to make rugs for your doll's house as in the photograph above, you need some thick, white or cream cotton material. Don't buy it new, see if you have any old pillowcases etc. You also need some, iron on computer transfer paper. This is often referred to as being for T-shirt making.
  • Get your image HERE. there are also a variety of other rug images free to use on the Internet.
  • I saved the images that I wanted on the computer so that I could print several rugs on each sheet of transfer paper. You can just print one per page if this seems too tricky.
  • Iron the image on to the material, (according to the instructions on the packet) and then peel off the paper leaving the image on your material.
  • Cut out the image leaving a strip of plain material at each end.
  • Cut into the end strips to give a tasseled effect.

You can also print lovely quilts for your beds in the same way.