Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Make a Miniature Fireplace For Your Doll's House Nursery

  • Find an old small wooden picture frame that is no longer in use.

  • Cut it in two, at the point where it looks the right height, to be a fireplace in your house.

  • Put a "mantel" of Balsa wood or even a cut lolly stick along the top.

  • Where a picture would usually go, fit a piece of cardboard to the frame.

  • Draw a rectangle where you want the hole for the fire to be.

  • Cut a hole smaller than you have marked out. Cut a diagonal line in the top two corners, from where you have cut the hole out, to where you have drawn the rectangle. This should now mean that you can fold the flaps back to create a hole with side walls.

  • You may want to attach an additional piece of cardboard to the back of this, to be the back wall of your fireplace hole.

  • Paint or colour the internal side walls, black.

  • On the cardboard you can do whatever seems best. You can draw tiles, put on coloured paper to create a tile effect. I cut up the pictures from HERE ( Find "Free projects and Printables", near the bottom left of the page, and then "Victorian Children's Stacking Blocks", down a bit, on the right of the page), to get Victorian Children tiles for my Dolls House Nursery. Print several pages and they cut up to just the right size for tiles.

  • Cover the cardboard with clear sticky back plastic.

  • Varnish the frame and mantel. If the mantel is a different colour wood to the frame try to stain it the same.

  • Glue the cardboard to the frame.

  • Glue a few mosaic tiles to the floor to be the hearth.

  • Glue the frame onto the wall.(You may want to try it with Bluetac first to sort out any problems you may find).

  • Find a little off cut of something to use as a grate. Even some card taped to wire, to give it a curve would do, as long as you paint it all black, copper or silver with acrylic paint.

  • Glue it on to the inside of your fireplace.

  • Put a few cut twigs into the grate, to be logs.

  • Glue some orange cellophane, scrunched up, onto your logs. Many types of sweet papers will do and you have the benefit of eating it first!
  • Find a little dog waiting to have his tummy warmed by the fire.

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