Sunday, 21 January 2007

How To Make A Miniature Stone Fireplace - Free Dolls House Idea

To make a stone effect fireplace, as seen in the photo, you need to find some pieces of Balsa wood. Balsa Wood is light and easy to cut. I bought a bag of mixed pieces from Hobbycraft.

  1. Take three pieces that will fit well for two uprights and a mantel.

  2. Paint three sides of each piece with grey acrylic paint, making sure that your painting contains a few shades of a darker and lighter grey.

  3. Paint black lines to give the impression of separate stones.

  4. Glue the pieces onto the wall; two upright and one horizontally.

  5. If you want to, glue a thin, painted piece of wood onto the wall above the mantel.

  6. Hammer a few tiny nails into the mantel to hang pots from.

  7. Glue some tiny mosaic tiles onto the wall behind the fireplace, and maybe on the floor underneath, to give a hearth effect.

  8. Make or buy a kitchen range to put inside.

  9. Put tiny dishes, or ornaments onto the mantel, and cut up a few twigs to use as logs.

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