Monday, 15 January 2007

How to Make a Miniature Cherry Pie for a Dolls House

  1. First take a gold coloured, beer bottle lid and place it upside down to be your flan dish.

  2. Take a very thin layer of cream, pastry coloured Fimo/Polymer clay and lay it in the base.

  3. If you want a pie with a piece cut out, place some tiny red Fimo balls into your pie. If your doll's house dolls don't like cherry pie, you can always make apple pie, or a meat pie!

  4. Next put a layer of Fimo on the top to be your pie crust. If you are feeling keen, put some tiny leaves in the middle as you would a real pie, and a few holes, where you would have pricked a real one with a fork.

  5. At this stage, if you want a pie with a piece cut out, very carefully, take a slice now. Make sure that you make a few cherries look as if they are rolling out from where you have removed it. If the piece you have removed looks too squashed from removing it, just make up a pretend piece with extra Fimo. (You can cut out a small plate at the same time if you like. Just remember to push it with something circular in the middle to create a dent.)

  6. Bake the Fimo in the oven, inside the beer lid, for the time stated on the packet. If you have removed a slice bake that too. You may want to roll up any cream, Fimo leftovers into tiny potatoes, and cook them at the same time.

  7. Take out your "pie" and let it cool and harden.

  8. Maybe put a tiny amount of brown paint or cold tea onto the top of the pie, to make it looked a bit browned on top.

  9. Varnish with some clear varnish, to strengthen it and to make it look glazed. Some clear, nail varnish, or PVA glue would do.

  10. If you are a perfectionist, paint some gold acrylic paint onto the underside of the beer lid, to cover their logo. Alternatively, just don't look underneath.

  11. WAIT FOR YOUR HUSBAND TO SAY, "I'D HAVE RATHER HAVE HAD A REAL CHERRY PIE." It may be worth cooking a real one in advance to keep him happy!

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