Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Family Photos - Free Dolls House Miniature Ideas

To make a sepia family photo as seen, on the piano, in this photo,

  • Click here for the link to be able to print

  • Print the pictures out onto plain computer paper.
  • If you want to, cover this with sticky back plastic to give it a glass effect.
  • Glue it onto some card. Tape or glue a /\ shape of tiny folded card onto the back of the photograph, creating a stand.
  • If you haven't covered the photo with clear, sticky back plastic you may want to glue a thin piece of acetate to the photo, to give a glass effect. Gluing only on the very edge.
  • Next, cut gold card or paper to make a frame, and glue it around the edge of your picture.Let it dry, maybe with something heavy on it to keep it flat.Place in your dolls house.
  • Alternatively, you can fold, then glue, tiny strips of aluminium foil, or gold foil around the edge of the photo to create a frame.
  • If you have trouble with it falling over a lot, discreetly put a little bluetac on it, (out of view) to keep it in position.

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