Sunday, 14 January 2007

Covering the Floors and Walls

You can cover the floors in purpose made, carpeting for dolls houses, but here are a few other options, if you are creating an older style of dolls house.

  • If you want a realistic, tiled kitchen floor, cover it with small mosaic tiles. Try to find ones that have turned down edges.

  • If you want a floorboard look, use thin strips of balsa wood and glue them to the floor. Remember that floorboards are not one long strip but have joints. When you have glued them down, give them a coat of clear or stained varnish.

For the walls you can use purpose made, dolls house, wall paper but this works out very expensive. You can use ordinary wallpaper as long as you are careful about which designs you choose. Make sure that they are either plain or have a very tiny prints. You can buy cheap, single, end-of-line rolls of wallpaper or borrow people's left overs. This gives you plenty of room to make mistakes or to wall paper more houses in the future.

Measure each wall with a ruler and then draw out the shapes onto the paper. It should then fit when you try it against the wall. Check that it will fit well, before gluing it. If not, you just have to redo it!

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