Sunday, 23 January 2011


As this house was in a very small scale, I needed to work out a way to make my own furniture. A big box of Balsa Wood in various shapes and a bag of material off cuts make this not too complicated a project. I am not a sewer nor a carpenter, but with a bit of lateral thinking most items can be made.

I wanted a cosy country cottage sofa for the little lady bear to sit on. It was quite simple in the end. I just took four pieces of wood and glued them together. One for the base, one for the back and two for the arms. When it was dry I glued material in a nice small floral print over the wood. (No sewing involved!).

Make sure when you do something for your dolls house that you keep all the prints small. Nothing spoils the illusion of a house than having too large a print on the textiles or the wall paper.

Sunday, 16 January 2011


Creating a dolls house scene is all about fooling the eye; very much, like the tricks a magician plays. You can make anything yourself just with a little bit of lateral thinking.
The artists studio sink was just made from pieces of balsa wood coloured with acrylic paint of varying colours. The sink bowl had PVA glue poured in the hole to give the impression being full of water when it dried. The paintbrush is made from a painted, chopped down wooden cocktail stick. (You can see how to make a brush and artist's palette on a previous post).The tap was created by using a little jewellery making finding. (Not an exact representation, but enough to give an impression) The paint pot is small clear bead with a little acrylic paint coated around the inside. A little piece of cloth, paint stained and soaked in PVA glue to keep it in shape make a great paint rag, and splattering the sink with paint was just plain good fun.

Sunday, 9 January 2011


The artist's studio was great fun to make. I decided to leave the floor paint free incase I ever wanted to change the room into something different, but with a little bit of cut Binka, (used for cross stitch), for a rug I could splatter paint to my hearts content.

Sunday, 25 April 2010


One thing that adds character to a dollhouse is a fireplace.

  • Start by taking a piece of firm card and cut it to the size that you want you fireplace to be.
  • Next cut three pieces of Balsa wood. Keep one longer than the other two to be the mantelpiece. Glue them to the card using PVA (white)glue.
  • Once dry paint the Balsa wood the colour you want your mantelpiece to be and paint the visible cardboard black. Next paint a few flames over the black background. Keep the deeper reds/orange on the inside and let the flames become yellow at the edges.
  • Find something to make a grate. Here I've used a hair clip back but you can use tin foil, or any oddment that fits the illusion.
  • A few cut up and dried out twigs make magnificent logs.
  • Before you glue the fireplace to the wall it helps to have a hearth. I have used a few mosaic tiles but you can be creative and many oddments can give the hearth effect such as thick painted card.
  • Glue the fireplace to the wall and find a few beads for vases and ornaments to pop on the top.
  • The candle stick was made from a bead with a cocktail stick pushed through. Chop the bottom off the cocktail stick then paint your "candle". As my bead was thin and tall I glued it to a button on the bas with a glue gun but a wider bead can stand alone. Simple but effective!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Rear View of Folk Art Artist's Studio House

The back of the house changed from this......

To this.
The side balcony was detached when I got it so I left the plastic tower off, fitted acetate to the window and a window sill. This leaves some extra on the base which could become a little garden. I added some extra roof on the house which gives it a nice "Dutch barn" shape to the side view. It ended up a very sweet little house and I was very pleased with my experiment.

Saturday, 17 April 2010


I had so enjoyed experimenting with a folk art dolls house that I decided to have another go but with a much smaller scale than even 24th. I found a "Josie Jump's Balamory House for a couple of pounds on eBay and decided to have some fun with it. I ended up transforming this.........

to this!

I expect that I shall put it back on eBay shortly, although I am enjoying it sitting up on the book shelves at the moment. It's actually a very convenient size compared to the other dollhouses I've restored. In the next post I will put up the pictures of the inside of the house complete with artist's studio on the top floor.

Friday, 16 April 2010


A simple way to make a mirror or picture look like they have a frame is to mount them onto corrugated cardboard. A small mirror tile is a perfect size for a dollhouse. Just stick it with a little PVA glue. This picture was cut out from a birthday card. Pictures always look best with a border surround, so just glue them onto a little piece of white card before you put them on the corrugated card.

Monday, 12 April 2010


I had a bag of cheap plastic furniture but wanted to give it a country feel. A plastic mauve chair was painted with green acrylic paint. The chair pad and back was just cut out of some flowery cotton then glued and sealed with PVA glue. The dresser was given a cream undercoat and then covered with green acrylic, making sure that some of the undercoat showed through to give it a distressed country feel. A few buttons and small ornaments complete the picture.

Saturday, 10 April 2010


It's was simple to create a distressed look using cheap push together furniture. I painted it a rust colour using acrylic paint and then when it was pretty much dry I coated it with a layer of blue paint, making sure that I left some parts uncovered. The check effect, to complete the country look, was done with a little piece of checked paper, stuck then completely covered with PVA glue to protect it. A couple of interesting buttons from my button box made two cute plates. Simple but fun and just right for a cheeky looking bear.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Sometimes you just need a little bit of lateral thinking to make mats or rugs for dolls houses. The mat in the bedroom for the elegant lady bear was part of a cross stitched birthday card that had been sent to me. All I needed to do was cut it out and then put a little white PVA glue around the edges to make sure it didn't fray. Fortunately the glue dries clear making a good edge for a rug.
The little bath mat was made using just a little scrap of cotton material folded in two and sealed with PVA glue. It does give it a slightly hard feel when it dries but as a bath mat this is not a problem. I found the flower edging amongst some self adhesive card making edging ribbon. It only uses a tiny bit and stuck on well. The edge of the towel was made from the same ribbon and turned another material scrap into a towel, giving a plastic bath a softer look.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Miniature Show in Birmingham

I enjoyed looking at this article in The Daily Mail online newspaper. I love the "Del Boy" miniature room. HERE

Sunday, 21 March 2010


I decided it would be fun to turn an average 24th scale dolls house into an unusual "Folk Art" style doll's house. It was really fun doing it and I will be showing you some of the individual projects at a later date. I enjoyed trying out my new glue gun to attach buttons securely to the front to give it a true country primitive feel. SOLD

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Doll's Houses at the Museum of Childhood

I had a great visit to the Museum of Childhood yesterday. If you can get to Bethnal Green in London and like Dolls Houses it's well worth a look especially as it's free. I took a few photos that give a flavour of the Dolls House exhibits.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Make a Sepia Photographic Portrait of Your Dolls House Dolls

Take a digital photo of your dolls. Use the button that allows you to take close ups if you have one. The following instructions are for Adobe Photoshop but there is a lot of software that allows you to make your photos into a sepia print. You may find that you have some without realising.

Use the sepia option on "layer styles" to recolour the picture. Use "effects" to choose the "vignette" option which will put a frame around your people.
Resize your photo to turn it into a mini printable family portrait and pop it in a frame.

You can click and print the photo above to use as a mini printable.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Free Mini Printable Original Painting 12th 24th 16th

Whatever size of dolls house you own you will find a size of painting here to please you. An English Bluebell Wood in widths 8cms, 6cms, 5cms and 4cms. Click on the images all in one go, then print. You are very welcome to have these for for your own personal use to decorate your dolls house, but not for resale as the copyright belongs to me.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

How To Make Miniature Paint Brushes - Free Online Lesson

Click on the photo to enlarge.

1. First find some suitable tooth picks. You may find that wooden cocktail sticks work just as well.

2. Cut them to the required length using nail scissors or a craft knife. Snip the ends to create a bristle effect.

3. Paint the brushes using acrylic paint. Make the handles brown and the bristles black. You can paint the joint with silver acrlic paint or glue a small amount of aluminium foil around the joint.

4. Place with your palette.

You can make a small paint rag by cutting a square of thin cloth and wiping smears of paint on it. If it looks too rigid damp it down when the paint has dried and then tie it with an elastic band and leave to dry overnight. This gives it a crumpled effect..

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

How to Make an Artists Palette Miniature - free tutorial

  1. First find thin some Balsa wood. You can buy packs of this extremely cheaply.

  2. Cut out the shape of a palette using nail scissors or a craft knife.

  3. Push a hole through the palette using a sharp point and work it around to make it bigger.

  4. Rub off any rough edges with a small piece of sand paper.

  5. Paint the palette with one or two coats of varnish as this will strengthen it. You can either use a varnish with a wood stain or add a bit of brown acrylic paint to the varnish.

  6. Put some splatters of acrylic paint on the palette in various colours to give it a used look.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Free 12th Scale Crochet and Knitting Patterns

I was fortunate to be given this lovely 12th scale bed set by a friend who crochets and knits. If you want to have a go at making a cosy cover yourself, you can visit various places on the web to find free patterns.
CLICK HERE for one example.

If you think you may like to make a variety of items you can invest in a book that shows you how to make bedspreads, clothes and a host of other 12th scale knits yourself.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Free Mini-Printable Dolls House Pastel Pictures

Blue tit, Kingfisher, Parrot and Squirrel

  1. Click, then print the images onto white paper or card.

  2. If you want a white mount for the squirrel print, remember to leave some of the white paper around the edge of the picture when you cut it.

  3. You can place cellophane, clear sticky plastic or acetate on the print to give the effect of glass. Even sellotape will do on a small picture.

  4. Either place the picture in a frame or make a frame for your picture. You can see how to do this on previous postings below.

Please remember the copyright to these images belongs to me. You are welcome to use them for personal use but not for profit. Do not copy them to another website although you may provide a link to them.

Friday, 14 March 2008

How to Make Miniature Fimo /Polymer ClayTools

If you want some tools or other implements why not have a go with Fimo/ Polymer Clay.

  • First get a picture of the tool that you want. It's much easier if you have something to base your model on.

  • Shape the Fimo into your tools. Use a sharp knife or even nail scissors to get neat edges.

  • Cook in the oven to harden following the instructions on your packet.

  • Paint the tools using acrylic paint. Silver acrylic paint gives a nice metalic look, to age them add a little brown.

An additional idea for a shed or barn is to buy a tiny horse shoe which is designed to go on a wedding cake. Rub some brown paint on to age it, and it is ready to hang. Small pieces of Balsa Wood make great wood offcuts and planks to have around.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

How to Scan a Cross Stitch to Make a Dolls House Miniature

Sometimes you may want to copy a cross stitch that you actually own to create a special effect in a room, as in this room with a Swiss effect. Make sure you have removed the glass from your cross stitch and then place it on the scanner. It also scans the texture of the material. Save to your computer and then reduce the size of the photo. I usually use Adobe Photoshop to adjust the size. Print the image and either frame or mount on card.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

FREE MINI- PRINTABLES - Small, Sepia Photographs - For your Dolls House

Just click on the picture, then print all the photos on one page at the same time.

Courtesy of NEFSC photo archives - only to be printed for personal use.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Buy an Original Miniature Painting For Your Doll's House on Ebay.

If you would like to be able to buy an original, framed painting for your dolls house, have a look at my items for sale on eBay.

Venice, "The Grand Canal," Painting
English Bluebell Wood Painting

Tuesday, 20 February 2007


  • Take some pieces of Balsa Wood. Balsa wood is light and easy to cut. You can buy packs of wood with various sizes and thicknesses in craft shops.
  • First decide how big you want the furniture to be. This fireplace is 24th scale but could be made in any size.
  • Cut out the back panel from thin Balsa wood. You can even draw it out and then use a craft knife or scissors to cut it.
  • Take some thicker piece of wood and glue on two side panels and a base. You might be able to cut these with a craft knife or use a small saw.
  • Glue a piece across as a mantelpiece.
  • Next paint the fireplace using acrylic paints. You could make it look like stone or wood.
  • Glue some twigs on for logs and if you want paint a few flames on.
  • Screw a small hook into the mantel piece to hang a cooking pot on.
  • Hammer some tiny nails into the side panels to hang pots/utensils on.
  • Place it into your house.


First find a small plastic stag/deer. This one came as a cake decoration but you can look in cheap plastic animal sets for children.

Cut a wooden shape for the backboard out of Balsa wood. Balsa wood is thin and easy to cut using a craft knife or even small scissors.

Stain and varnish the wood.

Cut the head off the stag using a sharp knife. (This feels a bit mean even though it's plastic!!)

Paint the stag using acrylic paint. This takes away the plastic look.

Finally, glue it to the wooden board and put onto your wall.

How to Make Miniature Food With FIMO or POLYMER CLAY For Your Doll's House

It is quite simple to make food from FIMO.

For the Edam Cheese just roll a pale yellow ball and flatten it out a bit. Roll out a really thin layer of red and wrap it around the yellow. Cut a slice out so that you can see the "cheese" inside, and have a slice to display.

For the other cheese just leave the red layer off.

For a cauliflower, roll some white Fimo into a ball and poke small holes into it. Wrap small green layers around it to be the leaves.

To make bread or rolls, just shape some cream coloured Fimo into whichever bread shape that you want. When you have baked it and it has hardened put a little brown paint/tea onto the outside.

Make a Miniature Bench and Table - Free Doll's House Idea

If you want unusual or 24th scale items for your doll's house it is a good idea to have a go at making your own. Have a picture of what you would like to make in front of you, and then you have something to base yours on.
For the table and bench above, I used selection of Balsa Wood of various thicknesses. You can often buy these from DIY shops or craft shops such as Hobbycraft. It is also useful to have small, cheap G-clamps to hold pieces together as the wood glue dries.
It was quite simple to choose pieces of wood to put together to make into a bench and table. The thicker wood needs to be cut with a small "hacksaw" and the thin pieces can even be cut with scissors.
Finally add some finishing touches like some glued on material.

Monday, 19 February 2007

How to make 24th Scale Dolls House Dolls

If you have an old doll's house that is 24th scale and you are finding it hard to find furniture and people to fit. Why not try making your own. This Heidi and Grandfather were made using FIMO for the heads, arms, shoulders and boots, with pipe cleaners wrapped in a little wadding to join it all together. Their clothes were made with a little bit of felt, ribbon and lace.
  • Shape the head and neck and then push a straw in the bottom of the neck to create a hole you will be able to put a pipe cleaner into later..
  • Make a rectangle for the shoulders and curve it round. Make a hole in the middle of the rectangle to push a pipe cleaner through later.(You can make these without shoulders if you just use the pipe cleaners to shape a shoulder effect.)
  • Roll a thin "sausage shape" for the arms and make a hole in the end, that you will be able to push a pipe cleaner into. Squeeze the tip of the arm flat to form a hand and then make a few lines in it to indicate fingers.
  • Roll two "sausage"shapes for legs and curve the end over and shape into feet/boots.
  • Cook the FIMO as instructed on the packet.
  • Push a pipe cleaner into the "arm sockets," and through the curve of the shoulder piece. Then push another pipe cleaner into the neck, through the shoulder hole, and wind it around the "arms pipe cleaner" going down to create a body. Wind another one around for legs and push the ends into the FIMO leg tops.
  • Wrap some cloth tape or wool and wadding around the pipe cleaners until they have a shaped body and make them some clothes.
  • Paint the boots brown and put a little colour on the eyes and cheeks. Glue a little hair on. This can be cotton, thin wool or some of the "hair" off of thick pipe cleaners. Be creative!

There are two books, that are useful for making doll's house dolls, shown below. Although they are for 12th scale it is possible to just scale the sizes down.